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BURNFREE® Pain Relieving Gel is a proprietary, second generation burn care product. Developed without licodaine, as in traditional older products, it eliminates the need to determine the severity of the burn before applying, and avoids the potential for allergic reactions making it suitable for use on small children.


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Pain Relieving Gel
BURNFREE Pain Relieving Gel

BURNFREE® gel is an innovative totally waterproof high-viscosity water-based gel containing natural extract of Maleuca leaves, or Tea Tree Oil. It provides instant pain relief, helps prevent the burn from extending and reduces the possibility of infections. The anti-evaporative agents contained in the gel ensure it remains viscous and effective.

When using BURNFREE® Pain Relieving Gel, gently apply a liberal amount to the injured area without rubbing it into the wound. In order for the gel to be fully effective, it is necessary to apply a thick layer over the damaged area.

BURNFREE® Pain Relieving Gel available in 2 sizes:

  • 2 oz (59ml)
  • 4 oz (118ml)
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