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GasAlert Clip EXTREME
BW GasAlert Clip EXTREME

This small water-resistant instrument has a built-in concussion-proof boot, ideal for amphibious operations and high-moisture environments.

Equipped with two alarm levels and an internal vibrator, the BW Gas Alert Clip Extreme now features four visual LEDs, and a high-output audible alarm.

The large, alphanumeric display provides instant notification of gas alarms, test status, life remaining (months then days then hours) and peak (maximum) exposures encountered.

Generating a permanent record of gas alarm events has never been easier. The Gas Alert Clip Extreme allows for effortless transmission of stored event data to a cordless printer or a PC for review and analysis.

The BW Gas Alert Clip Extreme provides a maintenance-free with 24 months and 36 months protection.

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The BW Gas Alert Extreme is a small, compact and affordable gas detector available for a wide variety of atmospheric hazards.

The BW Gas Alert Extreme is highly water-resistant instrument with an IP 66/67 fully immiscible rating. The design incorporates a built-in concussion proof boot to protect the instrument.

water resistant

The large, easy-to-read display includes a built-in backlight that ensures readings are legible even in dim light conditions. An easily changed 3V camera battery provides up to two years of continuous operation.

The BW Gas Alert Extreme clearly advises the gas hazard present — Low, High, TWA and STEL gas alarm. Recorded TWA, STEL and Peak exposures can be displayed on demand.

Downloads: | Datasheet | User Manual |
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