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Cotton gloves provide a more basic form of hand protection from dirt, chafing and abrasions; however, they won't protect you from rough, sharp or heavy objects.


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Knitted Cotton Gloves Polka Dot Cotton Gloves
with Double Sided Dots
Cotton Glove Double Sided Polka Dot Glove
  • Cotton yarn with knit construction offers standard protection.
  • Comfort and easy to wear.
  • General purpose usage at real value.
  • Weights range of 400g, 500g, 650g, 750g and 900g.
  • Over 500 grip dots are cured to each side of these gloves, giving perfect abrasion resistance and greatly increased grip on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Gloves are hand-to-hand reversible, allowing for longer wear.
Polka Dot Cotton Gloves
Black Dots with Red Knitted Wrist
Polka Dot Cotton Gloves
Yellow Polka Dots with White Knitted Wrist
Red Polka Dot Glove Yellow Polka Dot Glove
  • 7 gauge polyester/cotton provides comfortable and durable abrasion.
  • Black PVC dots on single side and Red knit wrist that provides excellent grip.
  • Size: 9.5".
  • 7 gauge polyester/cotton seamless-knit cotton gloves with yellow PVC dots on single side and bleached white knit wrist.
  • Size: 9.5".
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