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Protecting the eyes and other body parts is really important when doing the different types of welding process.


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Welding Face Shield
Welding Shield with Bracket
Bracket Type
  • Lightweight thermoplastic shell.
  • Durable aluminium attachment with coil spring is easy to fit with most type of safety helmets in the market.
  • Ample space for respirators.
  • Lift front with viewing area of 2” X 4 ¼".
  • Replacement cover plate of lens shade 10 to 12 available.
Welding Shield with Handheld
Handheld Type
  • Polypropylene straight shell with fixed front lens.
  • For eyes and full face protection where little sparks and spatter where little or no hands-on work is performed.
  • Handle outside.

Welding Goggles
Welding Goggle Single
Coverspec Type with Single Plate Flip-Front Lens
Welding Goggle Dual
Coverspec Type with Dual Flip-Front Lens
  • Lens Shade 5.0.
  • Flip-front mechanism.
  • Soft and flexible vinyl frame with indirect ventilation to prevent fogging.
  • Wide contact between goggle and face provides a very comfortable fit.
  • Comfortable adjustable headband.
  • Use to prevent sparks, harmful rays, molten metal and flying particles during acetylene-burning, acetylene-cutting or acetylene-welding operations.

WARNING: Not for arc welding use.

Welding Gloves
Red Welding Gloves
Double Layer Leather (Red)
Green Welding Gloves
Double Layer Leather (Green)
  • Double layer cowhide split leather with full sock lining.
  • Continuous one-piece back.
  • Gauntlet cuff and reinforced thumbstrap.
  • Leather welting in all vulnerable seams to add durability and greatly reduces the chance of burn-through at the seams.
  • Full semi-sock thermal-knit cotton lining for comfort and added heat protection.
  • Perfect for tough welding jobs.
  • Length: 13".
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