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Welding helmets used when performing certain types of welding to protect the eyes, face and neck from flash burn, ultraviolet light, sparks, infrared light, and heat. Welding helmets are necessary to prevent arc eye and retina burns, which can lead to a loss of vision.

All welding helmets include a window covered with a filter called a lens shade, through which the welder can see to work. With the development of electronic auto-darkening helmets, the welder no longer has to get ready to weld and then nod their head to lower the helmet over their face.

The Pyramex LeadHead™ Welding Helmet is designed to combat the most hazardous working conditions.


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WHA200 Auto-darkening Helmet
  • Auto Darkening Helmet.
  • Battery (2 x AAA) and solar powered with 1 sensor.
  • Lightweight thermoplastic shell.
  • Fully adjustable nylon suspension.
  • optimal vision balance with a 2 ½ x 4 ¼ complete viewing area.
  • Adjust from IR shade #9 - #13.
  • Light state is shade #3.
  • High speed lens – 1/25000 seconds.
  • Eliminates welders fatigue.
  • “Shake Down” helmet minimizes carbon monoxide
    build up.
  • Optionally balanced.
  • Ample space for respirators.
  • Total head, face, and neck protection
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards.
IR 9 - 13 Sensitivity Adjustment
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